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Where Kids Become Confident Leaders and Communicators

LeadYouth is a proven mentoring platform for kids ages 8 to 14. Video courses and monthly mentoring sessions empower students to communicate and lead confidently in school, work, and life. 

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Why LeadYouth Works

Skills to Empower

Communication, leadership, and EQ skills give kids a launchpad for lifelong success. We build emotional intelligence into everything because it impacts every aspect of your child’s life.

Exceptional Mentors

Small group sessions are led by trained mentors who can connect to your child on a personal level because they’ve completed and helped build the program themselves!

Proven Models

Our highly personalized online courses and mentoring models rely on proven techniques and award-winning scholarship to prepare children to become 21st century leaders.

Building Skills For Life

Build Trust

Form trusting relationships to work together toward a common goal. 

Strengthen Resilience

Learn strategies to overcome rejection & work persistently toward goals. 

Think Differently

Apply creativity & unique perspectives to overcome challenges with innovation.

Be Authentic

Show up as a unique person guided by goals, passions, and values.

Enhance Confidence

Feel capable and confident to perform well and help others to do the same. 

Influence Decisions

Use communication skills and clear thinking to reach positive outcomes.


Flexible and

On-demand, online courses and live small-group sessions help your child build communication, leadership and emotional intelligence skills. 


Monthly tuition gives students access to all of our on-demand online courses so your child can learn anytime, anywhere. Plus, two monthly small-group sessions cover key topics and are led by trained LeadYouth mentors. 

Sessions are offered several times per month to accommodate students in all time zones. 


Becoming a great leader, a powerful communicator, and a confident learner takes practice. It’s never too early to give your child the tools for success. 
Start building their emotional intelligence and leadership skills now, before they miss out on exceptional grades, student government elections, and team leadership opportunities. Now is the best time to start your child on the road to lifelong success!


$175 gives your child complete access. 


$175 gives your child complete access.

Parents & Students Get Results From
LeadYouth Programs

Rashmi (Parent)

Rheya looks forward to her class every Thursday. She is very fond of her coach Ananya. She is an awesome young woman and knows how to engage young minds. I see Rheya willing to take up more challenges which involves speaking/expressing views in school lately. We as parents are very happy seeing Rheya enjoy....moreover not us dragging her to attend the session. Your coaches are well trained.

Archana (Parent)

Shreyas has been getting good grades in English for the last two semesters. Your classes definitely made a difference.

Amshuman (Student)

I thought that the workshop was really nice. It was very easy to learn public speaking and the class was very fun. I didn’t even feel bored for even a second. Ms. Sarat was a very fun loving person and she helped me become a better public speaker.

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