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Akhil Durvasula
Coach - Public Speaking & Debate

  • Speech and Debate Captain

  • Member of the Board of the Youth Empowerment Forum

  • Volunteer

  • Debate Coach

  • Student Researcher

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” - Norman Vincent Peale"

Norman Vincent Peale


Akhil Durvasula is currently a sophomore at BASIS Phoenix High School in Arizona. In addition to being academically talented, he is an eminent member of his school’s speech and debate team. He has placed in the top 5 in tournaments across the state and the nation and represented his school in tournaments all across the country. Akhil is a passionate youth leader in several nonprofit and community efforts. He serves as a member of the board for the Youth Empowerment Forum (YEF) and as the youth head for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona.

Awards and Achievements: 

  • Highest Speaker Award at Arizona State Tournament

  • Youth Head of Indo American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona

  • Arizona Chair of the Young American Coalition for Unity

  • 2nd Best Breaking Record at ASU national tournament

  • 3rd Place in Jim Fountain Classic Tournament

  • Former Foreign Affairs Editor-in-Chief of The Veritas

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Akhil’s affection for coaching began at the start of his debate career. He would always enjoy coaching the younger kids on how to improve their skills and confidence. Most recently, he founded a YEF Speech & Debate Summer Camp teaching hundreds of kids across the country the basics of debate. He concluded the camp with an online debate tournament consisting of over 70 participants. Furthermore, his passion for coaching led him to become the captain of his school’s speech and debate team and also extended him into private coaching.

In his pass time, Akhil loves music -- composing, playing piano and violin, and volunteering to perform at senior citizen homes. He also likes to hang out with friends, and play basketball.

“I look forward to helping Lead Youth’s students enhance and strengthen their public speaking skills as well as furthering my own growth as a person and a leader.”


- Akhil Durvasula


Akhil Durvasula

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