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Alysandra King
Communication & Leadership Coach

  • Mentor, Coach and Volunteer - empowering others

  • Avid reader 

  • Podcaster 

  • Youth Leader

  • Local Committee President (AIESEC)

“People, people, people are just people, people, people.”

- Brené Brown


Alysandra is a former select-entry student and a current an undergrad student studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. She believes that everything happens for a reason, but to have a fulfilling life we must take hold of the opportunities that are presented to us. Hence, throughout high school, she has taken up a wide variety of leadership roles as well as various student clubs and extra-curricular activities. Currently, she is involved in a non-for-profit organisation and church youth group.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Academic Excellence (most notably the top performing student in her school for Media)

  • School Colour Awards (in Sport, Music, Extra-Curricular, Community Service and Student Engagement)

  • Semi-finalist in the Debaters Association of Victoria’s Public Speaking Competition

  • Whole School Citizenship Captain

  • Environment Club Captain

  • Student Representative Council 

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Having experienced the impact of mentoring, Alysandra’s involvement in the non-for-profit organisation and church youth group provides her the opportunity to use her skills and experience to empower the young leaders of tomorrow to be at their best so that they may be able to face the challenges that come their way. She believes that the best way for us to develop ourselves is to seek discomfort because that is when we are empowered to realise and fulfill our own potential.

Outside of all that, Alysandra loves food! She is great at cooking or finding the best restaurants in her city.

 “Passion Ignites Change - where everyone who I come into contact with has the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to make the impact that they want to see in themselves and in the world."

     - Alysandra King

Alysandra King

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne, AUS



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