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Ananya Lakhotia

Course Designer | Debate Coach

  • Founder/President of Mental Health Organization

  • Speech and Debate Captain

  • Student Council Leader

  • Debate Coach

  • High Achiever

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

                                                                                                –Fred DeVito

Ananya Lakhotia is currently a senior at Arizona College Preparatory - Erie Campus, a high school in Arizona, US. Along with being an academically high achieving student she has also been a prominent figure in her school’s Speech and Debate team. As such she is currently the debate captain of her team, as well as on the leadership council. She is also the founder and president of a mental health organization.

       Awards and Recognitions: 

  • National Quarter Finalist in World Schools Debate

  • AZ State Champion in Public Forum Debate

  • National Commended Scholar


  • Motivating children to be their best

  • Sharing knowledge and wisdom that will help others in their endeavors

  • Constantly learning and exploring to broaden my horizons

  • Theater and debate



One of her biggest projects right now is in addition to being a leader of her school's speech and debate team Ananya runs a mental health organization at her school which focuses on community outreach and destigmatizing and bringing important mental health issues to the attention of the public. She is also a part of many clubs such as National Honors society, National Science Honors Society, She's the First, and AP Scholars which reach out and put effort into helping the community around her.

Outside of school, Ananya spends her time volunteering at art programs and hospitals. She has also been a dancer for most of her life and has played numerous sports throughout her childhood. Most of all she loves spending time with her family and friends. Because of her immense passion for STEM, she took part in the Barrett Summer Scholars Program at Arizona State University as a part of their medical studies group which solidified her ultimate career goal of going to medical school and becoming a pediatrician or OB/GYN. 

" I very much look forward to working with you and your children to help improve their English writing and communication skills. I hope to be able to work with them in a way that is engaging and interesting which also helps them achieve their goals, whether that is becoming a skilled debater, orator, leader, or communicator."

                                                                                - Ananya Lakhotia

Ananya Lakhotia

Arizona State University, USA




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