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Cathrine Truong
Coach - Communication Skills

  • English Tutor

  • Budding Author

  • High Academic Achiever 

  • Volunteer

  • Avid Reader

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

-John Quincy Adams

Catherine is a high school student from MacRobertson Girls High School who excels at English writing and analysis. By continuously working hard and striving through adversity, she has built up an enriching and useful skill set based around debate writing. Catherine is extremely passionate about teaching younger students, since, before coming to LeadYouth, she was a private tutor. Now, within this organisation, Catherine has set out to broaden her horizons and grow along with her peers. 

Awards and Recognitions

  • Consecutive awards from James An College based on English and Math proficiency. 


  • Consecutive awards from Kumon in acknowledgement of English proficiency. 

Catherine Awards.HEIC

As participation reaps merits regardless of placement, Catherine has contributed to charities and volunteering opportunities. By selling bandaids in the Greenaid charity, she has raised money for the RedCross foundation in support of hospitals and medical clinics.

As Catherine strives to become a doctor in the near future, she hopes to contribute towards causes that she believes in. Additionally, Catherine has volunteered at her school library to help primary students read. Here, this passion for teaching stems from first-hand experience in handling children. Catherine has gained academic awards from tutoring companies as she demonstrates high performance in English. 


Not only does Catherine enjoy leisurely reading and writing in her free time, she also takes part in a diverse mix of hobbies. These include fine arts where she enjoys sketching scenic views, and music where she plays both piano and violin. Additionally, Catherine enjoys spending time with her friends while playing a game of cards and badminton.

“To guide and to lead, I look forward to working with students to grow and learn

alongside them.”


— Catherine Truong

Catherine Truong

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