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Coaching Strategy and Success Criteria 


At LeadYouth, we believe that the most successful coaches foster
intrinsic motivation already within their learners. 

🔷  Know the Learner

a. Learners will submit their current samples of English writing and speech recordings (if available) for coaches to review.

b. Coach will spend 2-3 sessions to know the learner's strengths, areas of improvement, and goals.

🔷  Design a Strategy/Plan Document

a. The coach will create a course strategy document that lists the course goals, timeframe and guidelines.

b. The coach will create a monthly or quarterly lesson plan that will list the topics that will be taught.

🔷  Execution

a. The coach will conduct online sessions and provide weekly practice items.

         b. The course concepts and competencies will be introduced briefly, then learnt through real life stories, quizzes,

activities, short video lessons, and observing great leaders and speakers. Coaches will help students  unbox the theories and concepts through facilitated discussions, speech and debate drills.

🔷 Measuring Progress

a. The coach will review, provide feedback and help learners improve skills.

b. The coach will track progress on a monthly basis.

c. The coach, learner and the parents will meet quarterly to review and adjust the learning goals if needed.


🔷 Share and Celebrate

       a. Coaches and parents will encourage learners’ efforts and celebrate their accomplishments.

       b. We are happy to showcase our learner's accomplishments on our blogs and social media if the learner chooses to.


LeadYouth courses work best when students and parents take an active role in the process.

🔷  Attendance

Regular attendance is strongly recommended. If the learner must miss a session, they should try to reschedule within the same week if possible. 

🔷  Practice


       We strongly recommend that our learners practice speaking for 10-15 mins 3-4 times a week.

If a learner is assigned practice work, they must finish and submit the work before the next session to make sure their goals are met on time.

🔷  Patience


We request our parents and learners to be patient. It takes a lot of work and time to develop confidence in speaking and leading.

🔷  Mindset

We encourage our learners to approach learning with a positive and growth mindset. This is the most important aspect in achieving success in this course.



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