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Esha Ambre
Coach - Public Speaking & Debate

  • Public Speaking and Debate Enthusiast

  • Researcher Hobbyist

  • MT2T Political Organization Founder

  • Fremont RISE President

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing their self.” - Leo Tolstoy


Esha Ambre is a freshman at Irvington High School. They enjoy being involved in their community, and actively being a part of it. Esha also enjoys being a leader in many organizations and in their personal life. Some examples are in debate, in their schools' student government, and in RISE.

Some of Esha’s interests involve researching, debate, politics, and law. They’ve been doing debate since they were in 4th grade, and it’s always been a big priority in their life! Another thing that they love being involved in is politics and researching important issues. It’s important to be active in your community and knowledgeable of ongoing issues, and Esha lives by this standard. They’re also interested in law, and are looking to expand their hobbies.

       Awards and Recognitions: 

  • Horner Middle School’s ASB President

  • Recipient of an OLPA (Outstanding Leadership Program Award) 

  • Horner Debate Academy’s President

  • Championed Fremont Debate Academy’s May International Tournament 2020-2021

  • Fremont RISE’s Chapter Lead

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In their free time, Esha enjoys reading, playing instruments, taking care of their dog, and drawing! Some of their favorite genres to read include romance and mystery. Esha also enjoys playing multiple instruments, some examples including the clarinet and piano. They have a mini goldendoodle and enjoy taking him on walks and to the park! 


Another important thing to know about Esha is that they strive to create change in their community! They were the ASB President of their Middle School, where they were awarded the Outstanding Leadership Program Award. Esha’s passion for student government has existed since 4th grade, and they’ve been instilling change ever since. They’ve gone to multiple school board meetings demanding for change in regards to their elementary school, fighting for a cleaner and safer campus. Esha’s also part of a lot of organizations and clubs that push for change.

"If I were gifted with the power to solve one problem in the world as of right now, I would fix the lack of accessibility to education that exists today. It disproportionately affects large numbers of people in poverty and girls, and is something that creates a barrier for millions to get a better quality of life. This should be one of society’s main priorities as of right now, and I would definitely take action to solve this."

     - Esha Ambre

Esha Ambre

Irvington High School



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