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Fanry Shen
Coach - Leadership & Communication

  • School Debating and Public Speaking Captain

  • International Student Leader (Captain)

  • School Music Captain

  • House Leader

  • Debate and Public Speaking mentor

  • University of Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce Student

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage

to pursue them”

– Walt Disney


Fanry Shen is currently a first-year Bachelor of Commerce Student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in management and marketing. Fanry is an experienced debating and public speaking mentor who has coached many students ranging from Grades 5 to 11. She believes in how every student has unlimited potential and aims to connect with each student to discover and unlock their true potential.

Awards and Recognitions:

Participated and ​Awarded best speaker in multiple debates and being semi-finalist/ finalist in some competitions.

•    Debaters Association of Victoria’s Schools Competition 

•    Rostrum Voice of Youth public speaking competition

•    VCAA Plain English-Speaking Awards

•    Debaters Association of Victoria Junior Public Speaking competition

•    Debaters Association of Victoria Senior Public Speaking competition

•    DAV British Parliamentary debating competition

•    United Nations events (student conferences and debates) 2018

•    2018 schools ‘regional constitutional convention ​​​

  • Honours in debating, public speaking, choir, orchestra and Australia Math Competition


Asides from debating and public speaking, Fanry has a deep passion for music and travelling. Fanry has learnt many instruments from a young age and especially loves singing. Due to her musical passion, she was also awarded many opportunities such as conducting choirs, representing her school in numerous concerts and Eisteddfods and coming first, second and third place with various ensembles at competitions. Fanry loves traveling all around the world, giving everything a try, and learning about each country’s unique cultures and traditions (especially the food!!!)


After COVID hit, Fanry has found a new hobby- cooking, and especially loves baking delicious cakes and desserts (both the baking process and the eating process!!!). In her remaining time, she also loves spending time with her family and friends.

“I really look forward to meeting new students at LeadYouth and hope to be able to accompany, guide, and together unlock and find each and every

student’s unlimited potential.”

- Fanry Shen"


Fanry Shen

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne



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