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Attn: Parents who want to help their child succeed

Give your child a skill that will guarantee success

This is the same skill used by Presidents,

Prime Ministers, and top-level CEOs!


8 -12 Week Online Self Study Course

Weekend Zoom Calls + Email Support

Ages 12 and Upwards

Course Fee USD 375

Starts January 16, 2021


Dear Loving and Concerned Parent,


You want your child to have every advantage. You want your child to have the best education, the best extracurricular activities, and the best friends. 


You want your child to benefit from your hard work and sacrifice so that she or he can achieve at the highest level. You look at your child and you see the man or woman they might one day be - intelligent, successful, well-respected, and admired. 


So what if you could guarantee your child’s success, no matter where their life goals take them? What if you could, essentially, wave a magic wand and give your child the same skill used by every President and Prime Minister since time immemorial? 

The very same skill that could help them gain admission to a prestigious university, or ultimately medical school or law school, or could help them rise to a high position in finance and business? 

Now you can. 


Give Your Child a Skill They Can Benefit From Their Whole Life

Hello, I’m Sarat Chakravarthi, and I’m the founder and CEO of LeadYouth, the nation’s premier training program in public speaking programs for kids. Through my highly researched and proven program for training public speaking skills, your child can gain the confidence and knowledge to speak clearly and confidently, in any situation. 


Drawing from real-life situations your child is experiencing right now, LeadYouth’s proprietary public speaking training program is the absolute best way to help your child learn the mechanics of speech and the art of speaking. 


Our online training program builds your child’s skills, week by week, so that they gradually build the techniques they need to become powerful and effective speakers. 


You may know that public speaking is the number one fear most people have (it even outranks fear of Death if you can imagine that!) which means that learning how to speak in public with grace and confidence is a skill that will propel your child ahead of 99% of his or her classmates. 

Public speaking is a skill they will use every day. By learning how to persuade with words, they will be able to -

  • gain coveted internships

  • run for student leadership positions

  • present in debate club

  • ace their college interviews- and much, much more


If you think back to a time in your life where you wished you had better speaking skills (and yes, we all have at least one example), you will easily understand how crucial the skill of public speaking can be. 


In fact, Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said that improving public speaking skills is the single greatest skill to improve one’s career. 


Highly skilled communicators make more money. They reach higher levels of success. Every successful CEO, President, or Prime Minister is a master of public speaking- of communicating in words to create impact. 


Doesn’t your child deserve to learn the single greatest skill? 

Give Your Child The Single Greatest Skill

I know you believe in your child. I believe in your child, too. I know that with dedication and discipline, and my proven program for developing speaking skills, your child can gain the tools and strategies they need to become a more powerful and persuasive speaker. 


The skills they learn in this program can help them gain confidence, clarify their ideas, speak more persuasively, and effectively lead others. 


Communication skills are crucial in every part of life. Learning this single greatest skill will help them become better student leaders, better spouses, better parents, and better in their chosen careers. 

As a parent, why wouldn’t you give your child a legacy of success that will positively influence future generations? 


Your decision to move ahead today can assure your family’s success for generations to come.

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The Only Program Of Its Kind

LeadYouth’s public speaking program is the only program of its kind that teaches powerful speaking skills to children of Asian heritage. Why do we focus on children in this group rather than other groups?


Several reasons, actually. We know that Asian parents are ambitious, dedicated, and motivated. We know they have instilled in their children the value of discipline and hard work. 


We know that Asian parents want to give their children every advantage to succeed. We know that their children seek success. 


We know that Asian parents value learning and education. We know their children can benefit from what we teach. 


Simply put: We know that children of Asian heritage have the dedication, discipline, and determination necessary to master the art of public speaking. 


Let me show you some of our success stories: 

As you can see, these students stepped up and challenged themselves to become more poised and engaging public speakers- and they succeeded. 

350 + Students are now Confident


It’s Your Child’s Turn

This online training program for public speaking consists of six self-guided modules, focused on laying a strong foundation, how to develop and write a speech, and how to deliver and present the written speech. Students will have module-specific assignments, and each module builds upon the one before it in the sequence. 

This means that students will be building skills and confidence in each week, and that each week will move them closer to the final assignment: recording themselves delivering a persuasive speech. 


As a parent, you can feel confident that your child will be learning vital communication skills in this self-paced format. Your child will feel confident in his or her growing ability to define their ideas and persuade through words. 


As your child reaches the final lesson, they will turn in their written speech for review and critique before presenting and recording it. This way, we can be sure they have understood the fundamentals. 


This review is an opportunity for your child to obtain feedback from an expert in public speaking, so that their final product is more polished and more compelling. Their final video will be the first item in their speaking portfolio, which they can use to showcase their speaking skills on demand. 


The investment for the entire self-paced program is just USD 375. This includes the six modules of online training and the final assignment review/critique. Students who complete their final assignment and provide a recording for review will be showcased on our Facebook page as one of LeadYouth’s success stories.


We want your child to become a better communicator through the art and science of public speaking. 


Since you’ve read this far, we know you want that too. 

All you need to do is enroll your child today. 

Still have questions? Email : or visit

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