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Lucy Liu
Communication Skills Coach

🔷  English and Mathematics teacher

🔷  Business developer

🔷  Peer mentor

🔷  Member of the CIS students club 

🔷  Volunteer at Salvation Army

🔷  Upcoming STAR Intern at SAP

"Learn continually - there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn!" 

                                                                                 - Steve Jobs


Lucy Liu is currently a second year Data Science student at the University of Melbourne, where she holds an excellent academic record. In addition, Lucy is committed to both her jobs, one as a full stack developer and the other as a teacher. In the prior role, Lucy and her team are working on a project that aims to revolutionise grocery shopping in Australia, where she utilises her data analytics skills to make refinements and improvements to the project. As an experienced teacher who has taught classes ranging from Grades 1 to 7, Lucy is a firm believer in the potential of every child, and is passionate about helping her students achieve their goals. 

       Awards and Recognitions: 

  • Selected as one of seven STAR Interns at SAP, Melbourne

  • Currently holds a Weighted Average Mark of First Class Honours(High Distinction) at University

  • Graduated High School with an ATAR of 98.15(2020)

  • Received Academic Scholarship to Presbyterian Ladies’ College(2017)

  • Distinction in the Australia Mathematics Competition(2017)


Lucy is a Peer mentor, where she provides support, friendship and guidance to a group of new Science students at her University. In the coming new year, Lucy will also start her internship at SAP, where she will work on further developing her skills in areas of technology and professional communication. 


Outside of school and work, Lucy spends her time volunteering at the Salvation Army Store. She is an avid reader and enjoys immersing herself in classic novels and philosophy books. She also likes learning about art and culture, frequently visiting art exhibitions at the NGV in order to expand her knowledge. Most of all, she loves spending time with her family and friends and travelling to new places. 

"I look forward to helping more children become confident, eloquent communicators!’"

     - Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

University of Melbourne, AUS



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