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Mahika Modi
Communication Skills Coach

  • Varsity Parliamentary Debater

  • Novice Parliamentary Debate Captain

  • Avid Volunteer

  • Student Researcher

  • Athelete

“It’s not the absence of fear. It’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through and have faith.”

                                                           ~ Emma Watson

Mahika Modi is a rising Junior at a high school in the Bay Area, California. This season she competed as a varsity member for the number one parliamentary debate team in the nation. She is extremely passionate about teaching and sharing her experiences with others.

       Awards and Recognitions: 

  • 4th place Speaker at Berkeley High

  • Varsity Quarterfinalist MLK

  • Varsity Quarterfinalist Robert Clark

  • Varsity Quarterfinalist Wolfpack

  • Ranked Top 40 in the Nation


Aside from being in her school’s debate team, Mahika loves to volunteer at various organizations like local stem and debate academies in order to help younger children experience the activities that she has grown so fond of. She also enjoys conduction academic research through a local nonprofit research facility, and she is even the treasurer of the research club at her school.

When she isn’t busy with her academics, she enjoys playing badminton for her local club and her school team. In her free time, Mahika enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys playing different card/board games with them, especially Monopoly. She loves to read; her favorite genre is dystopian fiction. Mahika is also extremely active and likes to ice skate, swim, ski, and play laser tag with her friends. As someone who loves to travel, she has been to over 7 countries and hopes to visit more.

In the future, Mahika plans to attend college, hopefully, double majoring in both stem and humanities majors. She really wants to spend a semester abroad in order to be able to experience the different culture, people, food, and environment in another country. She values hard work and dedication and tries her hardest to make sure to apply these traits in everything that she does.


Mahika also places importance on having strong leadership skills and actively tries to improve her own by partaking in leadership roles in the activities she participates in. She is extremely passionate about being able to use her voice to create tangible change within her community and beyond as well as being able to create opportunities that enable her to share the things that she loves with other people. She plans to contribute to the world by taking every opportunity she can to make the world a better place whether that be from volunteering at environmental organizations or teaching underprivileged kids about debate, she tries to do her part in creating positive change.


If there was one issue she could solve in the world it would be solving the lack of access that women have to education. Millions of young girls today are unable to get an education preventing them from being able to reach their full potential and do the great things that they are capable of doing. She believes that an increase in access to education will lead to more women becoming the leaders, scientists, educators, etc. of tomorrow.

"I will do my best to create an environment that helps your child excel and develop a passion for learning."

                                                                    - Mahika Modi

Mahika Modi

Irvington High School, CA, USA


              Skype ID: live:.cid.470247e21764eaf9


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