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William Wang

Business & Product Operations Intern

Honors & Recognition
  • 1st Place - Washington State Technology Student Association, Data Science & Analytics (2021)

  • Kamiak Student of the Year (2021)


William was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States in his infanthood. In 2021, he began his first internship with Mayshad CHOICE, a leadership empowerment startup. He enhanced their website and worked on email marketing campaigns using MailChimp. He was later invited to intern with Fiveable, an edtech startup, over the duration of six months to launch and maintain various community activities at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his personal life, William enjoys playing piano and leading worship, working out, and listening to ABC News. He currently works at a Taco Bell restaurant as a drive-thru employee and at a Mediterranean restaurant as a server. He is also a volunteer at Khan Academy where he creates programming contests for the global community. Also, on nearly a biweekly basis, you can find William visiting Amazon once more because he's lost another pair of cheap earbuds.

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