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Naomi Ling

Public Speaking & Debate Coach,
Video Creator, Blog Writer

  • Speech & Debate Coach

  • Creative Writer & Poet

  • Entrepreneur

  • Advocate for Equitable Education

Naomi Ling is a self-motivated high school student on the East Coast. As the Speech Captain of her school team, Naomi has placed top 3rd in several national Speech tournaments in Original Oratory and Declamation. With numerous national awards and esteemed publications in creative writing, she views poetry as a vehicle of catharsis for her feelings. 

Selected Honors

- 2023 National YoungArts Finalist (Poetry) 

- 2022 National Student Poet Semifinalist 

- Ben Carson Scholar

- National Scholastic Gold Medal for Poetry (x3) 

- National Scholastic Silver Medal for Poetry (x2) 

- Maryland Senior All State Chorus 2021-2022 Member 

- Maryland Athletics Association Scholar Athlete Award - 4.0 GPA 



Naomi champions equitable education and accessibility for everyone, and also makes an effort to study financial literacy. In April 2021, she co-founded an all-female student nonprofit, S | KEY, that sold handmade safety keychains with women, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups in mind. All of the keychains sold out at the pop-up sale, and 100% of the profit was donated to Stop Street Harassment, Inc. 


In her free time, Naomi enjoys singing in her school’s a cappella choir, reading, and writing poetry. A fangirl of Agatha Christie-esque thrillers, she somehow finds herself in the middle of five books at a time. She is a food and drink aficionado who is always up for a boba run. Her number one bucket list item is riding along the French countryside with a fresh baguette in hand. 

“I firmly believe that effective communication should be at the forefront of all relationships, whether personal or business-related. With the right resources and a growth mindset, every student can effectively become a leader in all aspects of their lives.” 

- Naomi Ling

Naomi Ling

Public Speaking & Debate Coach,

Video Creator, & Blog Writer



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