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Importance of Entrepreneurship for Young Adults

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of the word entrepreneurship. Whether it is through your Personal Finance class or your local noodles restaurant, you have all come across the idea of entrepreneurship. So what exactly is it?

Entrepreneurship is the act of starting a business in the hopes of gaining a profit through innovative and impactful ideas.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and envision yourself sleeping in a bed of cash! And to be honest, that’s not the best (or realistic) part about entrepreneurship. This whole process of building off of a genius idea is only possible because of the important qualities an entrepreneur must possess. Being a young adult myself, you have to trust me when I say that it’s actually the confident and leader-like mindset you develop that triumphs the possibility of sitting on top of a green mountain! Most importantly, you have to be a risk-taker, an empathizer, and an innovator.

If you give yourself a chance to truly think and pour out your ideas, you will start to put influence at the forefront of your priorities. Your untrained minds can master the art of leadership and creativity and who knows how many walls you’ll be breaking through every day!

Don’t you think it’s time for you to venture into the mysterious, yet exciting, realm of entrepreneurship? If you are reading this, start now!

(P.S: Profit doesn’t always have to be money. It can be mere happiness!)


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