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No compromise with values!

I moved to Hyderabad, India, from Herndon, Virginia in 2013. I had expected to receive a high standard of education, as I had chosen to enroll in a very popular and renowned school. However, my experience at this educational institution was nothing short of a nightmare.

I quickly learned that “quality” education consisted of cheating, corruption, and discrimination; aspects that I had not been blatantly exposed to before. The teaching standards and student performance was disturbingly shocking at first, however, I slowly discovered that education at this institution, was solely for profit.

Unlike other students however, I chose to voice out my opinion regarding the inefficiencies that surrounded me. I was faced with scorn from my teachers and peers for being “immature,” rather than being encouraged for challenging the educational process and fighting for change.

Nonetheless, I chose to portray my beliefs by taking up leadership positions. I was elected as sports captain of the school and became the president of the school’s literary club. Through these positions, I demonstrated my abilities to model the way for other children by encouraging them to act against practices that deprived them of their educational rights.

However, the deep roots of corrupt practices within the school could not be uprooted. I was viewed as an outsider that desired the inevitable. Thus, I ultimately decided that it would be in my best interest to pursue my education at a more credible institution.

My frustrating experience at this school taught me the greatest lesson: never compromise your values. It is essential for every individual to stick to his/her values in both positive and negative times, as this is what determines your true character.

I would have never imagined myself as being a bold individual, however, my firm belief in the attainment of quality education and my opposition to negative qualities eventually enabled me to shape my education to meet my needs, nonetheless at a separate institution.

Avanthika Singh


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