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What Is The #1 Skill Your Child Needs To Succeed ?

Effective Public Speaking Skills!


1:1 Video Course
Ages 8 and Upwards
1 hour / week (flexible)
Min. 40 hours (10-15 months)

Course Fee USD 1,450


LeadYouth announces a flexible, instructor-led, and effective online course for kids in Public Speaking. 
  • ​​A course designed exclusively for children under the guidance from College of Public Speaking Ltd. founder and coaches.
  • A course taught by a group of high achieving youth coaches and influencers from the USA and AUS who are confident speakers, debaters, and leaders in their schools, and communities.
  • A course that will boost your child's confidence in written, verbal, and nonverbal communication.
  • A course that will equip your child with strategies to manage fear and anxiety during public speaking.

Dear Loving and Concerned Parent,


You want your child to have every advantage. You want your child to have the best education, the best extracurricular activities, and the best friends. 


You want your child to benefit from your hard work and sacrifice so that she or he can achieve at the highest level. You look at your child and you see the man or woman they might one day be - intelligent, successful, well-respected, and admired. 


So what if you could guarantee your child’s success, no matter where their life goals take them? What if you could, essentially, wave a magic wand and give your child the same skill used by every President and Prime Minister since time immemorial? 

The very same skill that could help them gain admission to a prestigious university, or ultimately medical school or law school, or could help them rise to a high position in finance and business? 

Now you can. 


Effective communication skills will help your child achieve: 


Better Command and Fluency in English


Confidence in Public Speaking


Selection in Speech and Debate Clubs


Skills to Persuade Others


Proficiency in Writing Impactful Speeches


Leadership position in Sports and After School Clubs

400 + Students from various schools have taken advantage of LeadYouth Courses!

Arizona College Prep

Lincoln Prep

Basis Schools (AZ)

Chandler Traditional Academy

Knox Gifted Academy

Basha Elementary

Great Hearts

Ben Franklin

Here is what Parents Say!

Grade 8 Parent

"Harini got selected for ACP speech and debate club. I am pretty sure you had a role in this. This opportunity seemed distant for Harini as she is shy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart."

- Shyamala


The kids had a lot of fun and we are still talking about it. They consider this as the best course they had ever attended. Thank you for your guidance and making it a memorable experience for Niyathi and Abhinav.

- Asha

Grade 7 Parent

Thank you providing an enriching experience for kids. Shreyas surely enjoyed.

- Mythili

Grade 6 parent

This is Nandish, parent of Arush Reddy, who was a part of the LeadYouth program. Arush had learnt a lot in the last week. His preparations are methodical and presentations have a structure. Step by step process also provides him a framework with speech preparation. Thanks for the wonderful program and please have me looped in on the next set of LeadYouth programs. 

- Nandish

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Do any of these sound familiar to you?

1. Your child hesitates or is fearful of speaking in front of audience.
2. Your child is unmotivated to take part in speaking engagements such as debates, drama, or school elections.
3. Your child doesn't take initiative or participate willingly in school and community events.
4. Your child doesn't get selected in school events.
5. Your child speaks well but doesn't express clearly.
6. Your child lacks confidence because of his/her poor grasp on English grammar and vocabulary.
7. Your child is knowledgeable and intelligent but is not sure how to express confidently.

If you have Yeses to any of the questions above, this course is what you have been looking for.
Now, more than ever, the world is uncertain. Parents everywhere, just like you, are asking how they can empower their children so they can lead with confidence in an unpredictable world.

The answer is by having strong Public Speaking Skills!


Strong Communicators are able to write award-winning essays, win student-government positions, and present confidently at college and job interviews.


Public Speaking is one of the most essential skill your children will need for the life you want them to have. Now is the best time to equip your child for success!

  Course Fee: USD 1,450  


At LeadYouth, we challenge and empower learners to become extraordinary leaders and impactful speakers. The Public Speaking Course for Kids is designed by LeadYouth founder, CEO and coach, Sarat Chakravarthi, under the guidance of LeadYouth advisors, award-winning speakers, and experts in Spoken Communication, Vince Stevenson and Mike Douse from the prestigious College of Public Speaking London. The course aims to transform young children into powerful communicators for life. LeadYouth has coached over 400 + students in the US and Asia.


Give Your Child a Skill They Can Benefit From Their Whole Life

Hello, I’m Sarat Chakravarthi, and I’m the founder and CEO of LeadYouth, the nation’s premier training program in public speaking programs for kids. Through my highly researched and proven program for training public speaking skills, your child can gain the confidence and knowledge to speak clearly and confidently, in any situation. 


Drawing from real-life situations your child is experiencing right now, LeadYouth’s proprietary public speaking training program is the absolute best way to help your child learn the mechanics of speech and the art of speaking. 


Our online training program builds your child’s skills, week by week, so that they gradually build the techniques they need to become powerful and effective speakers. 


You may know that public speaking is the number one fear most people have (it even outranks fear of Death if you can imagine that!) which means that learning how to speak in public with grace and confidence is a skill that will propel your child ahead of 99% of his or her classmates. 

Public speaking is a skill they will use every day. By learning how to persuade with words, they will be able to -

  • gain coveted internships

  • run for student leadership positions

  • present in debate club

  • ace their college interviews- and much, much more


If you think back to a time in your life where you wished you had better speaking skills (and yes, we all have at least one example), you will easily understand how crucial the skill of public speaking can be. 


In fact, Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said that improving public speaking skills is the single greatest skill to improve one’s career. 


Highly skilled communicators make more money. They reach higher levels of success. Every successful CEO, President, or Prime Minister is a master of public speaking- of communicating in words to create impact. 


Doesn’t your child deserve to learn the single greatest skill?


What is the course about?

Persuasive Writing & Impactful Speaking

Public Speaking for kids is a beginners - intermediate level course for children aged 8 and upwards. We focus on three areas of communication: written, verbal and nonverbal.


Children  learn how to  -

  1.  craft persuasive speeches 

  2.  deliver powerful speeches

  3.  present without fear and anxiety

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to be super confident and successful!

This course is for children who - 

  1.  want to become powerful speakers, good writers and confident individuals

  2.  are shy, sensitive and introverted

  3.  desire to lead and contest in debate and speech competitions 

  4.  want to overcome fear and anxiety in communication

  5.  want to express themselves clearly, confidently and authentically

Why does your child need this course now?

Because it takes time to become a powerful 


This course significantly increases chances of your children in -

  1.  seizing leadership and speaking opportunities

  2.  clearing a college/job interview or starting something new

  3.  finding their voice and expression to persuade, motivate and inspire

  4.  building strong professional and personal relationships


Public speaking at a young age enables children to become highly confident adults!

Where will your child see improvement?

Writing, Speaking, Personality Development

Children see improvement in  -

  1.  writing persuasive speeches

  2.  speaking clearly and convincingly

  3.  body language and self-confidence


Children will no longer be afraid, anxious or uncomfortable in front of other people.

How is the course administered?

1:1 Online Video Coaching with the coach!

  1. Children get access to an expert coach.

  2. Children are taught how to develop a speaker's mindset, effective writing and speaking techniques through a series of quizzes, drills, and activities.

  3. The coach reviews your child's practice and provides feedback

  4. Children incorporate the feedback and move on to the next lesson.

  5. Children get to showcase their speeches on our blogs and social media if they choose to.

When can your child start the course?

Anytime! Anywhere!

  1. Children can start anytime. They may take anywhere from 10 months to 15 months to complete the course. 

  2. Children meet their coaches at least once a week.

  3. We recommend you child dedicate 2-3 hours / week to finish the course on time!

  4. The coach is accessible to the child throughout the duration of the course.

What do we teach in this course?

The history of communication, speaking psychology, communication theory, principles and application in the real world

How to apply rhetoric, universal laws and mantras of public speaking

How to develop a speaker's personality, influence others, and handle fear and manage nervousness

How to create and record a persuasive speech

The three different areas of communication such as written, verbal, and nonverbal

How to structure a speech for clarity, coherence and impactful delivery

Give Your Child The Single Greatest Skill

I know you believe in your child. I believe in your child, too. I know that with dedication and discipline, and my proven program for developing speaking skills, your child can gain the tools and strategies they need to become a more powerful and persuasive speaker. 


The skills they learn in this program can help them gain confidence, clarify their ideas, speak more persuasively, and effectively lead others. 


Communication skills are crucial in every part of life. Learning this single greatest skill will help them become better student leaders, better spouses, better parents, and better in their chosen careers. 

As a parent, why wouldn’t you give your child a legacy of success that will positively influence future generations? 


Your decision to move ahead today can assure your family’s success for generations to come.


Our Commitment To Your Child's Success!

Help your child stay committed

Quality content to challenge your child

Personalized review and feedback

Expert Coaches and Mentors

Dedicated email support

Motivate your child to perform better

Exceptional communication skills are a passport to your child's success. The fact is that strong Public Speaking Skills can be taught and are linked to greater success in school, work, and life.    
Enroll your child now and be the first in line to take advantage of this opportunity.

Effective 1:1 Video Course that helps your child develop strong Public Speaking Skills!

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