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Shraddha Deepak
Coach (Speech & Debate) & Editor

🔷  Red Cross Youth Preparedness Instructor

🔷  English Second Language Tutor

🔷  Podcast Host

🔷  Student Researcher

🔷  Avid Volunteer and Activist

“You miss 100% of  the shots you don't take.” - Michael Jordan


Shraddha Deepak is currently a sophomore at North Gwinnett High School in Georgia, US. With an immense passion for debate and public speaking, she leads various student-organizations for social activism and youth education. One such group (GA Youth Justice Coalition) allowed her to experience writing her own speech for a press meeting to address SB 5EX and SB 6EX. A few years prior, she was also elected as the President of her school’s Student Council and NEHS due to her moving speeches about inequalities in education and normalized racial stereotypes she encountered in her first few years in the US as an immigrant.

       Awards and Recognitions: 

  • President’s Award for Educational Excellence

  • GYJC SB5EX & 6EX Press Statement

  • MMW and Olay Face the STEM Gap Award

  • X-Culture Global Communication Certificate

  • NEHS Vice-President and President

  • Student Council Vice President

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While Shraddha may be a very vocal leader for change in her community, her true aspirations lie in the field of Psychiatry. The psychology of a human mind and what drives it has always piqued her interest. It also managed to make her more skilled at motivating and inspiring others. She currently holds lead positions in 4 organizations and frequently volunteers with 3 more. She was given the opportunity to tutor multiple foreign students (Ukrainian) in English as well as work on a research project with an international student team for 3 months. These experiences with other students allowed her to improve her mentoring and interpersonal skills.

Outside of academics, Shraddha learned Bharatanatyam with numerous mentors throughout the years. She soon stopped her lessons to play the trombone in her school band and was one of the lucky few students in 7th grade to be selected for Symphonic Band. Along with that, she learned French for 2 years in middle school. However, limited language options at her new high school led her to switch to her current German class which she has grown to greatly enjoy and appreciate.

"I can’t begin to express how excited I am to meet my students — the eager and the hesitant! I’ve been told that one can only spend so much time with me before becoming a lot more open and confident in their speech. Let’s put that to the test and see how long it takes for you to flourish and become the best version of yourself!"

     - Shraddha Deepak

Shraddha Deepak

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