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Veronica Green-Gott

Social Media Manager and Partnership Advisor

  • Social Media Expert

  • Equestrian

  • Content Writer

Veronica Green-Gott is a social media expert and life-long equestrian. After interning at the Equiery and Practical Horseman, she spent 18 months working as part of a team to craft effective marketing, social media, and public relations strategies for some of the leading IT firms in the Frederick, Maryland area. Now, she offers high-quality content creation, specializing in educational articles and social media content. She owns a small farm with an off-the-track thoroughbred, three goats, and two dogs.

Selected Honors

- Owner and Founder, Golden Fleece Farm, a content marketing agency

- Work featured in Eventing Nation, Practical Horseman and Horse Nation.

- Bachelor of Arts in Business and Corporate Communications, University of Maryland.



Veronica Green-Gott grew up with four cats, too many chickens, dogs and horses. Her love of animals taught her that following your dreams requires hard work. She now owns a small farm and runs a marketing agency by the same name, Golden Fleece Farm.


Now she travels the United States attending horse shows and writing about them for major magazines, including Eventing Nation and Practical Horseman. She also supports businesses and authors to create eye-catching and engaging social media content.  

“Authenticity. That single word should shape your entire marketing strategy.” 

- Veronica Green-Gott

Veronica Green-Gott

Social Media and Partnerships Advisor



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