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Rhea Siddagunta

Public Speaking & Debate Coach

Honors & Recognition

1. Senior at Lambert High School in Georgia USA

2. President of Diversify Club; Social Media manager for Immunology Club; Secretary for Indian Classical dance club

3. Active participant in Ted-ed talks, UNICEF, Debate, and Model UN Club

4. Numerous Chess Awards-from Chesstronics; 3rd place in the board room competition 2022

5. Several dance awards for Bollywood, hip-hop, and salsa styles of dance- Dance Flix Academy. Performed at hawks basketball game, lacrosse game and Indian idol singing competitions

6. Honors Student and involved in National Honors Society, Beta Club, Science National Honors

Society, English National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta(Math honor society)


Rhea Siddagunta is a high school student who plans to attend college after her graduation and eventually pursue a career in child psychology.  She has a strong passion for giving speeches and actively listening to them. Competing with her school's mock trial team at district-level competitions was an experience she enjoyed.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Rhea has a keen interest in dancing and participating in chess tournaments on a national scale. An interesting tidbit about her is that she manages a YouTube channel called “Rhea Sid,” where she showcases her talents and abilities. Her fascination with photography and videography finds a creative outlet through this channel, allowing her to express herself effectively.

Rhea's involvement with Lead Youth is driven by her desire to educate young individuals on becoming leaders in society. She firmly believes that public speaking is crucial, and she sees it as every child's right to learn to be comfortable with speaking. Her determination knows no bounds when it comes to helping children achieve their public speaking goals and enhancing their debate skills.

With unwavering dedication, Rhea is committed to going above and beyond to assist children in realizing their desires for public speaking. She holds the conviction that interning at Lead Youth will not only foster her personal growth, but also contribute significantly to her learning journey.

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