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LeadYouth membership gives kids all the on-demand video lessons and small group or intensive 1-on-1 coaching they need to become confident leaders and  communicators for life.

Reading Book Online
  • Learn from engaging, On-Demand videos from expert mentors

  • Access all on-demand video courses anytime anywhere

  • Practice core concepts with video quizzes and assignments

  • Access to each new lesson as it becomes  available.

Watching Video Lecture
  • Join a live small-group class, guided by an expert mentor

  • Choose two live 60-minute sessions per month based on your timezone.

  • Interact with other learners, practice and and receive feedback from our trained mentors.

  • Access to all our on-demand videos

Online Studies
  • Get personalized 1-on-1 lessons from expert mentors


  • Prepare for specific goals: auditions, admission interviews, government campaign, debate etc.

  • Get customized practice assignments and prompts.

  • Access to all our on-demand videos and small-group sessions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try the first month and if you're not satisfied, we'll find you a better match or you can cancel your membership anytime. Exceptions apply.

Membership Benefits

Building Social Connections

It’s never too early to start building a network. LeadYouth members grow up to be leaders in their schools, colleges, businesses and communities. Help your child grow a network of like-minded peers committed to lifelong success.

Flexible Scheduling

High-performers are busy people. You can take control of your child’s learning schedule with our on-demand and small-group classes.

Exceptional Mentoring

Our coaches are relatable, confident speakers, debaters, and writers who serve as excellent role models and powerful influencers.

Exclusive Access

Members get exclusive access to speech/essay review by our award-winning coaches. 

Confidence and Skills for Life

The investments you make in your child’s skills and confidence today will deliver a return you can’t even imagine. From high school clubs to college admissions interviews to business ownership and public office. The skills they build with LeadYouth could take them anywhere!

Online group classes starting soon

Join an online live class and connect with other students.

A shy student can become a respected speaker.
The most timid child can learn to be a compelling leader.
A quiet loner can make connections and build an amazing team.
Don’t Wait. Empower Your Child’s Future Today.

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