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We are a group of leaders, mentors, and coaches who believe in the LeadYouth approach because we’ve seen it work in our own lives. Guided by our founder, Sarat Chakravarthi, everything we do is based on respected research in leadership, positive psychology, and communication. 

We know that every child has the ability to create an extraordinary life and career. All they need is the right skills and guidance. As an immigrant parent, Sarat is especially invested in making sure that children get the opportunities to excel in communication and leadership. That’s why LeadYouth offers mentoring and on-demand courses to help kids build emotional intelligence, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

Our mission is to transform kids into confident leaders and communicators for school, work, and life.

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Our Founder

Although I grew up in India, I found my first job in the United States. School and university had prepared me for many things, but I didn’t have the confidence to speak up or the communication skills to convince others of my ideas. As a result, I lost out on some great opportunities. 


So I set out to learn the skills I was missing. I had to spend time and money as an adult learning the lessons I could have learned as a child if only I had the right resources. Lessons like how to: 


🔹 speak so others would listen

🔹 professionally communicate my emotions

🔹 listen well

🔹 confidently defend my opinions

🔹 show the empathy I felt

🔹ask the right questions

Sarat Chakravarthi

When I sought out mentors to guide my personal development and build my communication and leadership skills, I changed my professional life. I found Vince Stevenson, founder of the College of Public Speaking and Education; Mike Douse, co-founder of the World Students Debating Championships; and Dr. Krishna Chari (Psy.D), Medical Director and Lead Psychologist at the University of New Mexico.  


After using what I’d learned from these leaders to improve my own life and career, I started LeadYouth to make sure the next generation has the skills they need to to create an extraordinary career and life. 

Our Youth Advisors

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Naomi Ling | USA

Award-Winning Coach, Video Creator, & Blog Writer

Rushi Jain_edited.webp

Rushil Jain | USA

Marketing Advisor


Zoe Soderquist | USA 

Award-Winning Coach and Blogger

11.18.2022 William Wang-35.jpg

William Wang | USA 

Business Operations Advisor

Mike (Khoa) Nguyen USA.png

Khoa (Mike) Nguyễn | USA 

Video Editor

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