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Our Courses and Details

Three Pillars of Confidence 

We teach three essential pillars that help learners become confident leaders and communicators.

LeadYouth Member learners practice these skills through online courses, small-group sessions, and independent practice.

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   Communication Skills

  • Public speaking

  • Debate

  • Persuasive language


    Leadership Skills

  • The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership©

  • Leading in School

  • 21st Century Leadership 

   Emotional Intelligence

  • Resilience and grit

  • Empathy and social skills

  • Building productive relationships


When your child builds communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence skills

they unlock the self confidence they need to succeed at any goal they set for themselves. 

Public Speaking and Debate

Topics Covered

  1. The history of communication, speaking psychology, communication theory, principles and application in the real world

  2. How to create and record a persuasive speech

  3. The three different areas of communication: written, verbal, and nonverbal

  4. How to develop a speaker's personality, influence others, handle fear and manage nervousness

  5. How to apply rhetoric, universal laws and mantras of public speaking

  6. How to structure a speech for clarity, coherence, and impactful delivery

  7. Debate basics, strategies, and importance of articulating, and defending your opinions

  8. How to write a rebuttal and crossfire for any debate

  9. How to deliver a debate case to an audience with appropriate body language

Learning Outcomes

1. Improve grades in English

2. Get selected for speech and debate clubs

3. Ace college admissions and interviews

4. Build better friendships and relationships

5. Persuade others and create an impact

6. Become authentic and confident adults

7. Apply for leadership positions

Effective Leadership

Topics Covered

1. Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

2. Understand the basics of The Five Exemplary Practices of Leadership

3. Why and how to become 21st century leaders

4. How to Model The Way

5. How to Inspire A Shared Vision

6. How to Challenge The Process

7. How to Enable Others To Act

8. How to Encourage The Heart

9. How to commit to your goals and apply leadership in daily life

Learning Outcomes

1. Be clear on your own key values, beliefs, and principles and be willing to let others know what they are

2. Take stands on important issues and act in ways that are consistent with stated values and intentions

3. Have, and clearly convey, a vision; enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations

4. Actively seek and create new opportunities within the context of your values and vision

5. Create a climate to experiment, take risks, generate small wins and learn from mistakes

6. Foster cooperative rather than competitive relationships among people you work with

7. Feel capable of acting on your own initiative and use your power in service of others

8. Show appreciation for both the big and small things your people do to achieve goals and model core values
9. Truly believe in your leadership capabilities to lead yourself and others well

Emotional Intelligence 101

Topics Covered

1. Understand human emotions and EI

2. The building blocks of EI: Perception, Reflection, Emotional Generation and Regulation

3. How to use EI to improve your communication skills

4. Why EI is the #1 quality of great leaders

5. Steps for building EI

6. How can EI help in managing social anxiety

7. Why EI is essential to overcome failures and rejections

8. The key techniques and habits to build high EI

Learning Outcomes

1.  Understand your own emotions and identify triggers and patterns

2. Practice self reflection and regulation techniques

3. Apply effective EI skills to the social world

4. Identify others' behaviors and triggers before responding

5. Listen actively and empathize with others

6. Become resilient by overcoming rejections, failures, and fears

7. Build self worth, self esteem, and self confidence

8. Improve professional and personal relationships


Mike Douse

Debate Advisor

Krishna Chari_edited_edited.jpg

Krishna Chari

Child Psych Advisor


Vince Stevenson

Public Speaking Advisor

Emma (35 of 167)_edited_edited_edited_ed

Emma Rose

Higher Ed. Course Editor



Designed under the guidance of award-winning international experts, Vince Stevenson and Mike Douse from the College of Public Speaking in London, child psychologist Dr. Krishna Chari of the University of New Mexico, and higher education consultant Emma Rose, LeadYouth courses and mentoring will:  

  Boost your child’s confidence and social skills

★   Improve your child’s ability to express themselves in English

★   Teach coping skills to manage fear and anxiety

★   Build a growth mindset so your child can reach their highest potential

★   Develop powerful habits and self-control

★   Empower kids to make better choices in an unpredictable world

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