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Courses For A 
Successful Foundation

Your child deserves an incredible future. Help them build a foundation for success with research-backed courses from LeadYouth. They will build unique strengths and talents with support from LeadYouth courses mentors. Show your child what's possible. Give them valuable skills they can apply to school and life.


Register them for a LeadYouth course today.


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Content tailored for children

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Based on the scholarship of top authors and educators

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Personalized online support and 1:1 video calls

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Self-paced online courses

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Experienced and dedicated coaches

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Strategically targets key skills

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Builds resilience and growth mindset

Course Offerings

The Public Speaking Challenge

Ages 8 and Up

Confident communicators grow up to become successful students and inspiring leaders.  Give your child a passport to lifelong success with the Public Speaking Challenge.

Debating Challenge (US, AUS, ASIA)

Ages 12 and Up

Debaters are better at decision making, conflict resolution, and overcoming setbacks. Equip your child with higher-order critical thinking, persuasion techniques, and resilience with the Debating Challenge.

Effective Writing Challenge

Ages 8 and Up

Effective writing helps your child excel in school and thrive in the workplace. Prepare your child for a lifetime of success with the Effective Writing Challenge.

English Language Improvement

Ages 8 and Up

Stronger English language skills help your child communicate confidently. The English Language Improvement course will enhance your bilingual child's grammar, fluency, and pronunciation so they can express ideas and influence others. 

The Youth Leadership Challenge

Ages 8 and Up

Leadership skills turn ordinary people into Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs. Empower your child for extraordinary success with the Leadership Challenge.

The Personal Growth Challenge

Ages 8 and Up

Greatness starts with self confidence. Personal growth makes it possible. Help your child achieve their highest potential with the Personal Growth Challenge.

Now Is The Time To Start!

It’s never too early to start learning communication, leadership, and personal development skills. Our research-backed programs are tailored for children as young as eight years old. Because if you wait, it might be too late.


Becoming a great leader, a powerful communicator, and a confident learner takes practice. Give your child time to build those skills before they miss out on student government elections, college admissions, or valuable internship opportunities.


When is the best time to register your child for a LeadYouth Challenge?  Right now. 

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