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Membership FAQs


What do I get with my membership?

Our membership plan is designed to turn children into confident leaders and communicators for life. It includes three valuable features:

(1) Instant access to all of our online, on-demand classes

(2) twice monthly small-group coaching sessions

(3) access to limited time replays of the coaching sessions. 


Is membership right for my child?

LeadYouth membership is ideal for children between 8 and 14 years old who want to excel in leadership and communication while building essential emotional intelligence skills. Children who join LeadYouth go on to join debate teams, earn academic awards, get elected to student council, and contribute as leaders in their communities. These students are better prepared for admissions and job interviews and more confident in addressing life challenges. 


If your child is shy, lacks social skills, or struggles to connect with others, LeadYouth can help. Membership is also valuable for students who are already outgoing and confident, but want to learn to use those traits more effectively. 


What will my child need to succeed with LeadYouth courses and mentoring?

Your child will need reliable internet access and a willingness to learn. We ask that students be able to use Zoom or Google Meet. You or your child will also need access to email to communicate with coaches and receive information about upcoming group sessions. 


Does this really work?

Our experience tells us that our model works. We’ve mentored more than 400 children to help them become confident leaders and communicators for life. Our students have earned seats in student government, joined award-winning debate teams, and matriculated into competitive universities. They’re more confident, more prepared for life, and ready to take on new challenges. Some of them have even become LeadYouth mentors.


Who is teaching my child?

LeadYouth mentors have overcome the same challenges that your child is facing. There’s no better teacher than someone who has been where you are. Your child may be more comfortable forming a trusting mentoring relationship with someone closer to their own age. Rather than seeing their mentor as an “adult” who tells them what to do, they view their mentor as a trusted friend or older sibling. 


All of our mentors are trained to provide world-class mentoring guided by leading scholarship and proven principles. They are highly accomplished students who have won debate championships, earned recognition from DECA, and served on student government or as leaders in their clubs and sports teams. Many have earned high academic honors and a few have even started their own businesses or nonprofit organizations, all before turning 18!


How do group coaching sessions work?

Every month we select two topics for an intensive 60-minute small-group session. Our maximum group size is five.

Sessions are offered multiple times over a two week period to enable children in all time zones to take part. 


Students can sign up for the live coaching sessions using our online booking system. They access the session through our coaching platform. Video replays will be available on the coaching platform for a short time after each session. We do not offer in person sessions as our coaches are based out of different parts of the country and world.


What if my child can’t make it to any of the offered group coaching sessions?

We try to offer multiple sessions covering the same topic so that every student in every timezone can watch them live. We can’t give refunds or discounts for missed group coaching sessions. However, coaching sessions will be available online for two weeks, so your child can watch them at any time that is convenient for them.


What timezone are you in?

LeadYouth is based out of Arizona in the United States so we’re on Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7). However, we have coaches across the country and around the world. The majority of our students come from the United States, India, or Australia and our coaches do too. We strive to offer group coaching sessions at times that are convenient for students around the world. 


How does my child access the online courses?

Courses are delivered on-demand through our online portal. Students can access them at any time. They include videos, written transcripts, and quizzes and assignments. Students can email completed assignments to our LeadYouth mentors who will review and offer feedback. We’re always working on new courses and upgrading existing courses, so students always have something to learn. 


What is included in the online courses?

Online courses include video and text lessons supplemented by graphics and links to give your child multiple ways to engage with the information. They included quizzes and optional assignments to help your child check their understanding. Group sessions will reinforce the core topics in the online courses. 


We are constantly building our library of courses. As a LeadYouth member, your child will get immediate access to new courses as they are released.


Can I pause or cancel my membership?

You can pause or cancel your membership at any time, but membership payments are processed on the 15th of each month so you’ll need to cancel at least 3 days before the processing date to avoid a charge for that month. With so many valuable classes available, we are confident you won’t want to cancel anytime soon.


What if my child needs more one-on-one or personalized support?

Then you may want to investigate our premier one-on-one coaching model. It is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges high-achieving students most commonly face. Consider one-on-one coaching if your child is: preparing for an admissions interview, audition, student government campaign, or important presentation. It’s also ideal for students who are working to overcome a fear of public speaking or need to improve their communication skills. It includes 6 one-on-one coaching sessions with a trained LeadYouth mentor, customized practice assignments and prompts, and personalized guidance and feedback. You’ll also get 2 free months of LeadYouth membership, which gives your child full access to our library of on-demand courses, group coaching sessions, and group coaching replays.

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