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* Get your points across with 3 modes

2.1 (b): How can you become more persuasive using the three mode of persuasion?

  • 1 hour
  • Google Meet

Service Description

Public Speaking 2.1 (b), "Getting Your Points Across with Historical Models," you will explore the power of historical models to effectively convey your message. By studying historical figures and their impactful speeches, you will learn how to extract key elements such as storytelling, rhetoric, persuasive techniques, and powerful anecdotes. Through practical exercises and analysis, you will gain insights into adapting these historical models to your own speeches, enhancing your ability to communicate your points in a compelling and memorable way. Leverage lessons from history and make a significant impact through your own speeches.

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LeadYouth 1410 East Lynx Way, Chandler, AZ, USA

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