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Coaching Policy


Our courses are taught by LeadYouth's highly motivated, hardworking and award-winning high schoolers and university mentors. We assure you that your child will be positively influenced, well guided and truly inspired to become an effective communicator and leader. Please carefully read our coaching policy and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. This policy is only applicable to 1-on-1 programs.



LeadYouth doesn't offer any refunds or credits. You never pay for any missed session. If the coach is unable to continue coaching for 2 or more sessions for any reason, another equally qualified coach or leader-coach will be assigned to the learner.



LeadYouth reserves the right to assign the coach to the learner. We try our best to match the learner with a suitable coach. Our coach selection/assignment is based on several criteria including, but not limited to availability, location, skillset, learner's goals, age and other work assigned to the coach. 


All communication between the coaches and learner's parents/guardians will be via email. The only exception is session schedule confirmations and reschedules which can be communicated via phone call/text.


LeadYouth tracks and measures the learner's growth. You may request a progress report anytime. For the best results, we expect and strongly recommend that our learners practice at least three times a week for a minimum of 10-15 mins per day.


A package of six coaching sessions must be completed by the learner within 2 months of the start date.



Mentoring outcomes are determined after the learner's goals and expectations are clearly defined and agreed upon by the learner, parent/guardian and the coach. The outcomes may be adjusted as and when deemed necessary as long as the changes can be incorporated and results can be achieved without any additional hours of coaching. 

If additional sessions are needed to prepare the student for the identified challenge, the coach may offer additional sessions at their discretion and subject to a per-session rate.



Learner and coach will meet once a week at a time and day agreed upon by both the parties. If either party is unable to attend, the learner, the parent and the leader-coach must be informed at least 12 hours before the scheduled call. If the learner misses the session without any notice, the coach will send a recorded lesson and mark the session as complete.


The Learner is responsible for making sure that they have the right device, app, software, and connection before the session begins. Coaches may choose to cancel the session if there are technical glitches or the learner is more than 10 mins late from the start time.



We may occasionally use our learner's short speech clips and their interactions with the coaches to showcase our work and accomplishments online or during live presentations. We also feature some of the learner's essays and speeches on our blogs. If you have concerns about this, please email us. 

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