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Divya Natrajan
Coach - Public Speaking & Debate

  • Public Speaking and Debate enthusiast

  • National Junior Honor Society President 

  • NCL Class President 

  • Girl Up Arizona Director of Advocacy 

  • Member of Arizona Department of Education Student Council

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

                                                                    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Divya Natarajan attends Arizona College Preparatory High School. Divya enjoys collaborating with others and helping out. Alongside her academics, Divya is a member of her school's speech and debate team. Divya has received many accolades at tournaments all over the state from Lincoln-Douglass, Original Oratory and Duet Acting. Divya is also a strong advocate for change and has spoken at Arizona State Board Meetings about issues such as the lack of cultural education and outdated school resources. As a member of the AZED student council she has worked with the superintendent of Arizona to promote awareness of these issues. She was the class president of National Charity League and participated in various philanthropies.



  • Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award 

  • 2nd place nation-wide O’Connor Civics Challenge 

  • 3rd place in Arizona Division II Lincoln-Douglass State Competition

  • 2nd place Toro Country Classic Lincoln-Douglass

  • 3rd place Jim Fountain Classic Lincoln-Douglass  

  • Tournament Champion Scorpion Spectacular Duet Acting 

  • Top 50 in Arizona for Original Oratory

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Divya believes that through speech and debate she was able to improve her skills in many more ways than one. Divya applies this same philosophy when teaching. By learning from our differences as well as our similarities, it allows us all to grow. Divya enjoys teaching how to prepare cases and hosting mock debates. 


Other than speech and debate, Divya participates in various extracurricular activities. Divya has been playing the violin for 6 years and enjoys playing classical pieces. Divya also learns Indian classical dance and has had many stage performances. Divya has a deep appreciation for Indian culture and she loves being able to express this passion in a dance form. In her free time, Divya enjoys reading and being with friends. 


Divya helps her community in various ways. When she served as NJHS president, Divya organized a talent show which raised money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She also made cards for first responders to appreciate all of their hard work. Divya has also worked with other philanthropies like Feed My Starving Children, UMOM, and Paz de Cristo.

“I am incredibly grateful to work with LeadYouth! I am so excited to teach students skills such as public speaking and debate. I can’t wait to see each learner grow and accomplish their goals!”
                                                                                                                            — Divya Natarajan

Divya Natrajan

Arizona College Preparatory High School




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