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Leadership isn't a Job Description, it's a Skill
Give your child the skill to lead effectively

Effective Leadership Challenge

🔷  Empowering Ages 8 and Up to Lead Well

🔷  Online - Flexible Learning Hours

🔷  Lead, Innovate, Inspire

🔷  Small-Group or Individual Mentoring

🔷  Based on Scholarship of Top Educators

Guaranteed to prepare your child to

lead with courage and confidence!

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Give Your Child The Skills of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs.

Leadership skills turn ordinary people into Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs. All of these people have one thing in common: leadership skills. Skilled leaders inspire confidence. They engender excellence. In every situation, people with leadership skills rise to the top.

You may have heard that some people are born leaders. The truth is, leaders do something that other people don’t. They practice their leadership skills until leading becomes second nature.


Leadership is something your child can start learning now so they never miss an opportunity for success. Starting in middle school or even sooner, means your child will be prepared to: 

Run for student government

Step into a leadership role in any industry

Guide their team to victory

Earn election to public office

Become a business executive

Drive a change and create value for others

Don’t wait for those opportunities to appear before you act. If you do, the role will go to someone more prepared. Register your child for the Leadership Challenge and help them start building leadership skills today.

Students who are leaders in high school earn up to 33% more as adults. 

- Kuhn & Weinberger, University of California

Prepare Your Child For Extraordinary Success


Leadership is a skill everyone can learn. Your child can develop the mindset and skills to become a successful leader even if they . . .

🔷   lack confidence

🔷   struggle to persuade others

🔷   often fail to take initiative

🔷   waver in their values

🔷   tend to compete rather than collaborate

If your child engages in these habits and mindset challenges, they may struggle to make friends, fail to achieve their goals, or miss out on valuable opportunities. You may worry that a lack of leadership skills will hold them in high school, college, and beyond.


You many already be imagining the elections they won't win, the jobs they won't be offered, the businesses they will never start. No loving parent wants that for their child.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. With help from the Leadership Challenge, your child can start building the skills that will help them win elections, earn more in business, and build a successful life. You can change their future right now. All you have to do is click the button below. 

Business Meeting

Meet Shreyas:

Shreya’s mother was worried. Her son lacked initiative. No matter how much she pushed him, he just wouldn’t get involved in the leadership opportunities that would set him up for success. So she enrolled him in a LeadYouth Challenge. By the end of the program, he took the initiative to participate in Model United Nations at his middle school. He ran for student elections. Shreyas had discovered the pull of leadership, and his mother was delighted.

Students assigned to leadership roles raised their rank in the class by approximately

7 percentile points. 

- Anderson & Lu, Harvard Business Review

What Students Learn About Leadership

from LeadYouth

Students who complete the online courses and attend the recommended 2 group sessions per month will be prepared to:

Take a stand on important issues that affect their lives and wellbeing

✅ Act in alignment with their values and intentions

✅ Seek and create new opportuities for people on their teams

✅ Enlist others in a common vision and work toward shared goals

✅ Experiment and take risks so they can learn from mistakes

Core Principles Based on Renowned Scholarship

Through flexible on-demand, online courses and focused small-group
sessions, students learn valuable leadership practices identified by the
world-renowned scholars and educators James Kouzes and Barry

The core principles include: 

🔷  Model the Way - Set an example for others and define shared standards

🔶 Inspire a Shared Vision - Envision a meaningful future and inspire others to help make it happen

🔷  Challenge the Process - Seek out opportunities to experiment and improve

🔶  Enable Others to Act - Foster collaboration in a team and strengthen individual abilities

🔷   Encourage the Heart - Recognize and celebrate individual contributions


The LeadYouth Student Experience: How We Mentor

As soon as you purchase a LeadYouth membership, your child receives complete access to our library of online, on-demand courses. Courses combine videos, text, practice assignments and quizzes to guide student learning. Students can email completed assignments to our LeadYouth mentors who will review and offer feedback. We’re always working on new courses and upgrading existing courses, so students always have something to learn.

Live Coaching Sessions

Every month we select two topics for an intensive 60-minute small-group session. Sessions are offered multiple times over a two week period to enable children in all time zones to take part. Students can sign up for the live coaching sessions using our online booking system. They access the session through our coaching platform. Video replays will be available on the coaching platform for a short time after each session.

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Our Mentors

Sessions are guided by youth mentors. These teens and young adults have overcome the same challenges that your child is facing. There’s no better teacher than someone who has been where you are. Rather than seeing their mentor as an “adult” who tells them what to do, they view their mentor as a trusted friend or older sibling.

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All of our mentors are trained to provide world-class mentoring guided by leading scholarship and proven principles. They are highly accomplished students who have won debate championships, earned recognition from DECA, and served on student government or as leaders in their clubs and sports teams. Many have earned high academic honors and a few have even started their own businesses or nonprofit organizations, all before turning 18!

Don’t Wait. Empower Your Child's Future Today.


Leadership skills are not innate. They can be nurtured. That means even the most timid child can learn to be a compelling leader. With a clear vision and confidence in their abilities, your child can become the coach, executive, or senator that others admire. Who knows, they might even grow up to be President. But they can’t achieve those goals without your help. 


Register your child for the Leadership Challenge today. 


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