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1:1 Online Communicate Beautifully With Our Youth Coach

* Ages 8 and Upwards | Debate | Public Speaking | Effective Writing Custom 40 hours of Video Sessions

1:1 Online Communicate Beautifully With Our Youth Coach
1:1 Online Communicate Beautifully With Our Youth Coach

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Video & Email


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Course: Communicate Beautifully

This communication course is taught by High School and University Speech/Debate Award Winners with guidance from LeadYouth Advisors.

The course is meticulously tailored by LeadYouth coaches to cater to each learner's needs and goals. All our students walk away with elevated confidence in their communication, clarity in their vision and success mindset to pursue their dreams. 

The aim of this program is to challenge the student to present confidently and proficiently in front of any audience.

Learning outcomes:

1. Gain confidence in their communication skills

2. Perform better at school in speaking engagements (Debates, Theater, MUNs)

3. Participate in writing events (story writing, poetry, editorials/articles for school magazines)

4. Improvement in persuasion and negotiation skills

5. Higher chances of getting selected for leadership positions in schools, organizations, community events and notable programs

Exceptional Communication Skills are your passport to success. Transform the way you communicate forever, ensuring you command greater influence professionally, and ultimately become a more effective leader. Build strong meaningful relationships with friends and family for a fulfilling, happy and successful life. 


  • Min. 40 hrs Video Coaching

Choose 1-2 hours / week or month

*Schedule based on coach's availability.


  • Online:Communicate Beautifully

    LeadYouth Communication Skills Custom Program




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