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Group Coaching Policy


We are excited to launch our newest session model — Group Coaching Sessions! We have a fine selection of award-winning coaches who are trained in the art of communication, and your child will have the opportunity to experience two live video group sessions a month alongside other learners and under the mentorship of a coach.  Please carefully read our Group Coaching Policy below for more information about sessions, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.



Our Group Coaching Sessions are offered on a subscription basis, which you must pay in-full once-monthly to participate. We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Our coaches mentor your child with the topics they are most knowledgeable and specialize in most. We rotate between a dozen different topics about communication and leadership skills every month, and we will announce two session focuses at the beginning of each month.


All communication between the coaches and learner's parents/guardians will be via email. If you are confirming or rescheduling a session, you can do so by emailing us or visiting our booking calendar. We will provide online video recordings of the session to you soon after the session has been completed.


We offer multiple dates and times for our sessions so that you can take full control of your child's learning schedule. We provide an easy-to-access scheduling calendar where you can select available slots for your child to participate every month.


Along with your monthly subscription comes complete access to our growing library of on-demand course materials. These courses will help your child learn and practice skills of communication and leadership through videos, online text, and interactive assignments.


Our Group Coaching Sessions offer the unique chance for your child to practice their communication skills real-time with other participants. Our live sessions are intended to foster an active dialogue between the learners and coach, and the session is designed to be a safe and positive space for your child to ask questions, be curious, and engage with others.



You may reschedule your Group Coaching Sessions at any time, and learners can attend up to two sessions a month. If you happen to miss all your scheduled sessions, please ask for a recording. 


The Learner is responsible for making sure that they have the right device, app, software, and connection before the session begins. Coaches may choose to cancel and reschedule the session if there are technical glitches that take more than 10 mins to resolve or no learners show up for that scheduled group session.



We may occasionally use our learner's short speech clips and their interactions with the coaches to showcase our work and accomplishments online or during live presentations. We also feature some of the learner's essays and speeches on our blogs. If you have concerns about this, please email us. 

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