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Our Team.

We are a group of leaders, mentors, and coaches who believe in the LeadYouth approach because we’ve seen it work in our own lives. Guided by our founder, Sarat Chakravarthi, everything we do is based on respected research in leadership, positive psychology, and communication. 

We know that every child has the ability to create an extraordinary life and career. All they need is the right skills and guidance. As an immigrant parent, Sarat is especially invested in making sure that children get the opportunities to excel in communication and leadership. That’s why LeadYouth offers mentoring and on-demand courses to help kids build emotional intelligence, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

Our mission is to transform kids into confident leaders and communicators for school, work, and life.


            Mentors Worth Emulating

Trained to provide world-class mentoring guided by leading scholarship and proven principles, our mentors are highly accomplished students who have won debate championships, earned recognition from DECA, and served on student government or as leaders in their clubs and sports teams. Many have earned high academic honors and a few have even started their own businesses or nonprofit organizations, all before graduating from secondary school! 

There’s no better teacher than someone who has been where you are. Your child may be more comfortable forming a trusting mentoring relationship with someone closer to their own age. Rather than seeing their mentor as an “adult” who tells them what to do, they view their mentor as a trusted friend or older sibling. One who has overcome the same challenges and worked for success. 

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