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Rayna Shaik
Coach - Public Speaking & Debate

  • Debate Captain

  • Avid Athlete

  • High Academic Achiever 

  • Science and Spanish Tutor

  • Social & Gender Rights Activist

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

                                                                                               - Babe Ruth

Rayna is a Junior from Chandler, Arizona, and is driven to be the best version of herself, and to bring others up as well. Her passion to learn about social issues and helping her community has led to her being a Debate Captain and a pivotal person for instruction. She furthers this passion by being Vice President of her school’s Girl Up club; raising awareness on issues of gender and widespread equality issues. 



  • 1st Place in HISEF competition in Animal Sciences

  • Multiple 1st and 2nd place wins in Tournaments for Big Questions Debate

  • Math Student of the Year in ACP

  • 4th in State Speech and Debate for DUO Acting

  • 4 time 4.0 GPA or higher winner

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Rayna’s involvement in teaching began as an Arabic teacher at her local Mosque, and as she was more in tune with learning important values and building character, she was able to teach it to the youngest members of her community. She was able to further pursue this by being the main tutor for her school's tutoring club (being proficient in rigorous math, science, and language courses) and leading numerous group study sessions among her own friends and peers. She thus hopes to continue to help struggling students being proficient and even master numerous disciplines by creating a program with her school’s counselors that target struggling students.

When she is not in the classroom, slumped with homework, you most probably will find her staying active by playing on her Badminton team or on her school’s inaugural Girl’s Football team. Additionally, with any free time she may have, Rayna loves to watch true crime documentaries, try new recipes, play sudoku, or take a long nap in an effort to destress.


“I am beyond excited to join the LeadYouth team, and also to be a helping hand for kids to strive for self excellence and be rewarded by their hard work.” 

- Rayna Shaik

Rayna Shaik

Arizona College Preparatory High School




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