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Give Your Child The Skills That Will Guarantee Their Success. 
These are the same skills used by top-level CEOs, Presidents, and Prime Ministers! * 
  • Online Public Speaking and Leadership classes for ages 8-14 

  • Flexible, affordable learning with expert mentors

  • Based on leading scholarship, proven results

  • Access to all our On-Demand videos and live sessions

  • Build confidence in communication, leadership and emotional intelligence

What's Included In a One Month Trial Membership?

Online Class

Access to Public Speaking, Debate and Leadership video courses

Watching Video Lecture

Join 1 hr live class from any course guided by an expert mentor

Our Course Offerings

When you enroll your child, you give them the tools to: 

Develop growth mindset, good habits, and  self-control

Think and act like a leader

Speak clearly and confidently

Convince and influence others

Get along with different types of people

Lead projects and teams

Overcome fears, failure, and rejection

Ace college interviews and internships

Why LeadYouth Mentoring Is A Great Investment

Great leaders and speakers earn more

A Public Speaking course from a top university costs between $3200 - $4500 for a group class for an average of 12 hours of instruction. That's $260 - $375/hr/person.

Private lesson with a tutor on online platforms for 60 mins is $40-$120/hr. 



A successful business or life coach charges an average of $200 to $300 per hour.


An expert public speaker charges $5000 - $25000 per talk.


77% of businesses report that leadership is lacking. [Zippia]


Companies pay more to leaders because they see it as an investment. The average CEO earns $21.45 million a year. That's 400 times more than an average employee earns ($51,394). Great leadership makes a successful CEO.

53% of Millennials have been disappointed by a lack of personal development training when starting a new job []

79% of millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success [HuffPost]

LeadYouth's courses are designed by experts, taught by exceptional and experienced youth mentors at an affordable cost of $175/month! Your child will be ready to seize big opportunities right after high school and save thousands of $$$ in soft skills/personal development programs.

Becoming a great speaker and a business leader requires psychological, physiological, and sociological reframing. LeadYouth's courses designed under the guidance of  industry experts prepare your child in all these areas to excel as 21st century leaders.

Mentored students are 55% less likely to skip school, 78% more likely to volunteer in their communities, and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions. [Mentor .org Non Profit]. LeadYouth's mission is to transform your child into an exemplary leader.

LeadYouth's courses based on leading scholarship create a solid foundation for child's success by focusing on building their personal development skills. Our award-winning youth mentors are knowledgeable, empathetic, patient, and brilliant motivators to help your child become their best version.

Parents and Learners Prefer LeadYouth


Parents know what it takes for their child to become confident, determined, and resilient. They don’t want to sit back and hope that the school curriculum or standard tutoring companies will build public speaking, leadership and EI skills. LeadYouth is the sensible alternative for parents who want their child to be the next leader, entrepreneur or a change maker.



"I am very confident in my knowledge about Public Speaking. I feel my speaking and expression is now authentic, impactful, and persuasive. The videos were simple, short, and engaging. Thank you so much for all your help. "

Deepa C, 15

"Rheya looks forward to her class every Thursday. She is very fond of her coach…I see Rheya willing to take up more challenges which involves speaking and expressing views in school lately. We as parents are very happy seeing Rheya enjoy… moreover not us dragging her to attend the session."

Rashmi (Parent)

“The kids had a lot of fun and we are still talking about it. They consider this as the best course they had ever attended. Thank you for your guidance and making it a memorable experience for Niyathi and Abhinav.”

Amy (Parent)

"Hello Sarat,1. My daughter liked both the sessions so far and found it informative. She is trying to apply what she is learning in all ways possible. Sanjana is a great mentor and my daughter looks up to her, easily able to connect to her and learn from her. 2. Hands down the email communication from LeadYouth team about blog posts, queries, upcoming session reminders, login info, steps, are helpful and the best. The activities during each session also enforces the concepts well."Thank you Sarat for following up with me today."

Geetha (Parent)

"I am always excited for my next class. Usually, I procrastinate when it comes to HW, but I enjoy practicing my debates and look forward to debating in my school's speech and debate club."

Megan M, 14

"Leadership training would be very beneficial for him, to learn and to be assertive and use proper communication skills. Wow, the mentor is amazing! We are very happy to have joined LeadYouth! Thank you for your teaching!"

Vanessa (Parent)


Mike Douse

Debate Advisor

Krishna Chari_edited_edited.jpg

Krishna Chari

Child Psych Advisor


Vince Stevenson

Public Speaking Advisor

Emma (35 of 167)_edited_edited_edited_ed

Emma Rose

Higher Ed. Course Editor



Designed under the guidance of award-winning international experts, Vince Stevenson and Mike Douse from the College of Public Speaking in London,

child psychologist Dr. Krishna Chari of the University of New Mexico,

world-renowned Leadership educators James Kouzes and Barry Posner, and higher education consultant Emma Rose, LeadYouth courses and mentoring will:  

  Boost your child’s confidence and social skills

★   Improve your child’s ability to express themselves

★   Teach coping skills to manage fear and anxiety

★   Build a leadership mindset so your child can reach their highest potential

★   Empower kids to make better choices in an unpredictable world

Single Plan

Best Value

One-Month Trial Package



Perfect for kids who want to try learning Public Speaking and Leadership

Valid for one month

Access to all our On-Demand video courses

One 60 mins live session with an expert mentor

Public Speaking Practical Tips


Is Your Child Ready to Face
The Modern World?

Ask yourself…

❓ Is my child courageous enough to stand their ground, dare to be different and have the emotional strength to deal with the consequences?
❓ Is my child interacting, getting along with, and learning from all different types of people? 
❓ What is my child learning and doing to prepare for the next big change in the world? Hint: coding and AI skills are not enough!
The world is changing fast. With those changes come unforeseen, unexpected, and unavoidable situations. Equip yo
ur child with the powerful communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence skills they need to succeed. 


What Learners Can Do With

LeadYouth Courses and Coaching

When learners engage with live coaching and independent study in on-demand video lessons, they will learn to…

Communicate Clearly

  • Develop a speaker's personality to influence others while managing fear and nervousness.

  • Understand the history of communication and how it applies in the modern world

  • Be effective across the three areas of communication: writing, verbal, and nonverbal

  • Apply the rhetoric, universal laws, and mantras of public speaking

  • Create and record a persuasive speech

  • Structure a speech for clarity, coherence and impact

Lead Effectively

  • Take a stand on important issues that affect their lives and wellbeing

  • Act in alignment with their values and intentions

  • Seek and create new opportunities for people on their teams

  • Enlist others in a common vision and work toward shared goals

  • Experiment and take risks so they can learn from mistakes

  • Show appreciation for and encourage the people they lead

  • Believe in their leadership capabilities 

Manage Emotions

  • Embody a growth mindset that embraces challenges

  • Reduce social anxiety by channeling difficult emotions like embarrassment, shame and frustration

  • Enhance empathy and understanding to improve social skills

  • Build productive relationships at home, work, and school

  • Embrace and learn from failure to develop emotional and mental strength

  • Identify and act on personal values

  • Develop emotional and mental strength


Mentors Worth Emulating

Trained to provide world-class mentoring guided by leading scholarship and proven principles, our mentors are highly accomplished students who have won debate championships, earned recognition from DECA, and served on student government or as leaders in their clubs and sports teams. Many have earned high academic honors and a few have even started their own businesses or nonprofit organizations, all before graduating from secondary school! 

There’s no better teacher than someone who has been where you are. Your child may be more comfortable forming a trusting mentoring relationship with someone closer to their own age. Rather than seeing their mentor as an “adult” who tells them what to do, they view their mentor as a trusted friend or older sibling. One who has overcome the same challenges and worked for success. 

Online group classes starting soon ...

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Prepare Your Child For Success

If your child lacks confidence, courage, and emotional intelligence, they may not speak up for themselves or reach for what they want. Their relationships suffer and so do their grades. No parent wants that for their child. You want your child to excel in school and life.


Yet most public schools don’t spend much time helping students build essential human skills. They’re focused on test scores and technology. But math, programming and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t teach your child how to capture the heart of a listener, effectively lead a team, or build lasting relationships. These human skills are directly linked to lifelong success. 

At LeadYouth, we challenge and empower learners to become extraordinary leaders, empathetic people and impactful speakers. We know that these skills are foundational to student success in school and in life. LeadYouth membership gives your child a launchpad for lifelong success by building social skills, self confidence, and leadership skills.

A shy student can become a respected speaker.
The most timid child can learn to be a compelling leader.
A quiet loner can make connections and build an amazing team.

Don’t Wait. Empower Your Child’s Future Today.
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