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Are you resourceful?

During times of struggle, we tend to complain about the things that could’ve helped us avoid a problem. We target our lack of resources to compensate for the feeling of loss. It is during these times we must remind ourselves the importance of resourcefulness.

We hold a general belief that opportunities rise from resources. The more resources at our dispense, the more we can do and achieve. As a result, we blame our surroundings for our inability to participate in certain activities and failures. But, it is actually our ability to manipulate these resources that create these opportunities.

Being resourceful means the ability to creatively solve a problem using what is available to you. It enables you to overcome difficulties by putting your creative and quick thinking skills to use. These skills allow you to completely utilize what your circumstances offer. You start to devise different ways a certain problem can be solved by using what you have, not what you want.

You are training your brain to make the best out of every situation, regardless of what you don’t have. As a result, you find it easier to adapt when confronted with a change in your surroundings.

It allows you to redefine what you perceive as impossible and possible. But most importantly, being resourceful allows for you to set short-term and long-term goals, and possible paths to achieve them.

Remember, being resourceful is not just an action, it’s a mindset.


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