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College Guide: Choosing Your Schools

Making your list of colleges is a pretty hard process. Not only do you have to figure out which schools you are most likely to get into and which ones are reaches, but you have to make sure that all the schools are ones that you would be willing to go to.

One common mistake that many students make when researching potential schools is looking at their program rankings. Although it is very important that the schools you apply to have quality programs for your major, it is equally important that the school environment is a perfect fit for you. When solely looking at the rankings, it is easier to ignore other vital aspects such as location, activities, finances, and diversity.

Make sure that when you find a school you really like, you research the general atmosphere and facilities of the school. Remember, you’re going to be spending four years of your life there! So it would be unfortunate if you were getting a great education but you’re not fond of the lack of school spirit.

Imagine yourself living there for four years. If you feel comfortable and satisfied, then apply there! Also, try stepping out of your comfort zone to get a new experience in college!


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