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College Guide: Essays

It’s time to start on your college applications process! Just a heads up, it’s going to be an exciting, tiring, and rewarding experience. Let’s start with the most important part: essays. The college essays that you will be writing help give a fresh and interesting perspective of you to admissions officers. You’ve probably heard that it helps show a side of you that’s not reflected on the rest of the application. And this is true!

The beginning stages of brainstorming and drafting are the most difficult. There are tons of things you could talk about! Take your time and make sure you are comfortable and authentic when writing it. It is always beneficial to write about something personal to show certain qualities that you possess or experiences that shaped you into the person you are today. Show them who you really are.

Keep in mind that you won’t finish the writing process in a week or two. It can take you a month or more. If you are tired of writing (that is not a day before the deadline), stop! This will only make you write worse. Take long breaks and return to the essay with a fresh mind. It helps you identify what you want to change and keep.

Also, start early if you can! Although, I completely understand if you procrastinate till the end!


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