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🎯 Easy Ways To Get Your Child Practice Leadership!

Leadership development doesn't happen in the 2 years of High School. Our children need to practice leadership daily just like they practice Math. Start Early! It's Easy!!

5 Ways -

📌 Connect, Ask and Offer Help

✅ Have your child ask friends for a problem they are facing and have them offer help/solution.

📌 Find A Cause to Support & Act On It

✅ Ask your child to volunteer, coach, and join leadership development projects.

📌 Debate, Negotiate & Convince

✅ Make your child practice effective communication. Great Leader means Great Communicator.


✅ Do WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. Encourage your child to always keep h/her word.

📌 EQ!

✅ Encourage your child to reach out to others, listen to their struggles and wins and appreciate their effort.



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