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🎯 How to help your child develop motivation?

We really can’t make our children want what they don’t want. So what can we do?

Motivation means an inner drive to learn, preserve and pursue something. According to neuroscientists and psychologists, the main ingredients of motivation are -

✴️ Right Mindset - (Growth Mindset) Praise EFFORT not ABILITY

✴️ Self-determination (Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness)

📌 Autonomy: Give them control over their choices.

📌 Competence: To “feel” we can handle a situation better AS OPPOSED TO being great at something.

📌 Relatedness: Feeling of being connected to others & cared for.

✴️ The Optimum Level of Dopamine - Encourage children to work hard at what they love.

✴️ Flow = Intense Enjoyment + Highly Focused Attention + Practice + Hard-Work

👀 Watch for details.

What else do you think we can do to develop motivation? Discuss 👇


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