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Student Leadership Simply Put

Simply put 5 practices of exemplary Leadership:

Model the way: A leader must know their values. These values provide the foundation for decision-making and help them understand what they believe in by uncovering their true passions and goals. They then set examples for people to follow.

Inspire a Shared Vision: Leaders create visions by envisioning an ideal image of the future. It is important for leaders get other people to believe and engage in their vision. An atmosphere develops where everyone comes together to reach a common goal – making the vision come true.

Challenge the Process: It is important for leaders to challenge the current status. Here, the most important foundation for this practice is asking questions. A leader must constantly question the process and come up with solutions that can improve it. Leaders will take big risks in doing so, but they are willing to face the consequences.

Enable Others to Act: A person is truly a leader if they can foster collaboration and motivate others to work hard for a common goal. They must carry and lead the team. It is important that a leader encourages and recognizes the growth of each individual. A leader’s values will be put to the test here.

Encourage the Heart: A leader must recognize each individual’s accomplishments and help them reach their goals. This will help initiate motivation within each person, allowing them to work harder. It’s important for them to know that you care and you are willing to help them move forward.


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