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The Secret to Success: How to Romanticize Your Life

Living your best life will never be monotonous again.

Feeling bored, stuck in a rut, or hopelessly drained? You aren’t alone. New research by OnePoll finds that the average American spends 131 days a year wallowing in boredom. Unsatisfied and stressed, most of us can likely relate to the cycle of dreading Mondays, crawling toward Wednesdays, burning out on Fridays, and then pressing the repeat button. Needless to say, our mindsets need to be rewired for optimal efficiency and enjoyment. But how?

Introducing…the power of romanticization. In a nutshell, it means expressing gratitude for little moments in your life, and just as importantly, investing time in things that make you feel good. Contrary to mainstream belief, it isn’t just doing your nails or buying pricey iced lattes—although if that’s how you treat yourself, no one’s stopping you. Romanticizing your life can be as simple as setting a morning routine you love. Not sure where to start? Try these tips!

#1: Identify the stressors in your life.

Amidst all this 21st century noise, we all deserve a chance to slow down every once in a while. If you’re a student or have a job, ask yourself what pain points you experience day-to-day and how you can address them. For example, if you dread speaking up in class, that might be a focus in your new lifestyle. Imagine yourself as the main character of a story: how would you deal with such challenges? Who could you ask for help? Main characters always have sidekicks they can readily rely on. Identify a few people whom you trust, and tackle your stress one chapter at a time.

#2: Create intention in your actions.

Intentionality is exactly the opposite of “going through the motions.” We’ve all been there—staying in bad habits out of fear of breaking tradition. You may feel comfortable, but are you content with your routines? Try adjusting your daily schedule to detox from monotony, like waking up an hour earlier or later. Instead of waking up beside your phone, consider leaving it in the next room and practice mindful breathing for a few minutes. Small changes can catapult you into big success! It’s important, however, that you stay true to yourself: don’t make a change if it doesn’t benefit you. I, for one, cannot wake up at 5am to be productive, and that’s totally okay.

#3: Stop and smell the roses.

Even if you don’t physically have flowers, take a moment to notice everything from the smells to sounds to sights around you. Is there a breeze? What do you hear? How does it make you feel? The way the sun slants through the window, or the last dregs of coffee in the bottom of a mug are all things that we often overlook. We may even take parts of our lives for granted. Romanticizing, in a sense, is about overdue appreciation. So get out there and gaze at the sky, linger at the bus stop, or splash in puddles. You can even take pictures of your newfound discoveries—there are no rules here.


Romanticization isn’t always easy. It would be wrong to assume that life is only composed of pretty, documentable, magical moments—it’s not. But that’s what makes gratitude so necessary. Your one life on this planet is so wondrous, so it’s up to you to make it unforgettable. With just a few simple steps, you can retake control of your lifestyle and break the cycle of boredom, once and for all.



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