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🎯 The Six Habits of Mentally Strong Kids

When our children are mentally strong, they manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to set them up for success in all areas of their life.

The top six habits are -

✅ They don't let other's opinions of them bother them as they know their values and inner strengths.

✅ They don't feel sorry for themselves and know life isn't always fair. They take responsibility to find or create what they want.

✅ They are not afraid of trying, failing, and embracing change because they see an opportunity for learning in every challenge.

✅ They don't try to please others. They tell the truth in an empathetic manner.

✅ They don't bring up the past, complain, blame, and gossip. They are friendly with others with opposing viewpoints.

✅ They don't expect immediate results; therefore, they are willing to commit to long-term goals.

As always, we need to model these first! Be aware of thoughts and emotions and then manage our responses.

What else would you like to add? Discuss 👇


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