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🎯 Which instinct is your dominant one - Analytical or Emotional?

Excellent leaders understand "what response" a particular situation requires.

According to , Excellent leaders understand what response a particular situation requires.

Case Western Reserve University professor Anthony Jack says, "our brains have two major neural networks: the analytic network (AN), which comes into play during decision making and analytical thinking, and the empathic network (EN), which is how we make qualitative observations and understand our environment, including ideas and people."

AN and EN work in opposition ⚠️ According to the author, Aytekin Tank of Entrepreneur (CTTO), “The Best Entrepreneurs Combine Analytical and Emotional Instincts.”


✅ Self-Awareness - How do you approach any problem? Emotionally or Rationally? Notice the pattern for two weeks.

✅ Deliberate Practice - Practice the non-dominant neural network. Too analytical? Then spend time listening and consider other's viewpoints.

✅ Conscious Intent - (Question Assumptions, Reason Through Logic, Diversity Thought (hang out with people who are different than you)

Balance both to solve today's problems, protect your business, and build a loyal team.

What are you AN or EN?👇


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