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Why are some children better communicators❓

🎯 Because they have a higher EQ - Emotional Intelligence!

Emotional Intelligence means being aware of self and other’s emotions, managing our emotions in healthy ways, and expressing ourselves judiciously and empathetically while communicating with others.

How do we build our child’s Emotional Intelligence?

✅ Get rid of the 4 C’s: Do Not ❌ Criticize, Compare, Complain, and Compete

✅ Adopt 4 A’s: Acknowledge, Accept, Appreciate, and Assist

✅ Practice empathy daily. It means we have to listen and respect with a sincere attempt to understand our children and not necessarily agree with them.

✅ Let your child express freely; do not react but respond with calmness and curiosity.

✅ Teach calming techniques, growth mindset, and self-discipline.

Remember, children become better performers in all areas of their lives when they learn, perceive, and respond with a fearless mind, open heart, and authentic self!

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