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12 Rules of Attention

Attention is critical in our lives, as it helps us stay focused and makes sure we complete the tasks that are given. However, most of us struggle to keep our focus. We get sidetracked or distracted because of this, and we lose our attention to do the work at hand. This doesn't just have to be about work; it can be regarding anything. Therefore, 👉 it is essential we can learn ways to control our distractions and get back on track. ☀️

First, we can use awareness. Awareness is the knowledge that something is present. When we are aware that something is distracting us, we need to get rid of the distraction. Likewise, 👉 when we are aware that something needs to be done, we are more likely to put our distractions aside and focus on that specific task. Therefore, we get it done, and we don't have to worry about it anymore. 🙂

We can also use mindfulness, which is how aware we are of the things around us or what needs to be done. For example, 👉 when we are more distracted, we are more aware of what distracts us than the task we are supposed to finish. That is because we are more mindful of the distraction. When we are more mindful about something, we put more focus on it. So 👉 all we have to do is put that mindfulness onto the tasks that need to be finished.

So, you may ask, "how do we apply these to our daily routine?" It can be hard to build a habit of following these rules, but with practice and patience, it is possible. There are a few ways to implement these factors into our daily life. 🙂

📌 Improve Your Focus: "notice precisely when you're being pulled off track, and begin fighting back," says Joseph Cardillo, an author. He also has a PhD in holistic psychology and mind-body medicine.

📌 Talk to Your Brain: your brain is your friend. It identifies patterns, so if you have the same distractions, get into the habit of getting back on track, so your brain builds a response to that.

📌 Create Your Triggers: like how negative triggers exist, positive triggers exist as well. Use those positive triggers to help you be more focused! ☀️

Try it out and share your results! 👇


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