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Pop Quiz Hacks: How to Be Ready at a Moment’s Notice

a teacher hands out test sheets for a pop quiz

Does your stomach sink when you walk into class and find out there’s a pop quiz? Many students think there’s no way to study for these tests. Actually, you can prepare for the unexpected. Follow these tips to be ready for anything.


Be a Diligent Student

Homework is designed to help you practice what you learned in class. The more you practice, the more you learn, and the better prepared you’ll be for a pop quiz. Homework gives you the opportunity to review what you learned in class that day and judge how well you know the material. The better you do on your homework, the more likely you are to do well on a pop quiz. 

It’s important to not only complete the graded assignments, but also do the assigned reading. Many teachers will design a pop quiz around the reading. While textbooks may not be the most exciting reading material, they do help you take advantage of a different way to process the information. 

Take Quality Notes & Review Them Often

All notes are equally valuable, right? Not quite. Many students write down everything the teacher says. Instead, listen to what your teacher is saying and identify the most important information. Keep them concise. Write down a few words to jog your memory, instead of full sentences.

Now that you’ve taken some great notes, don’t let them sit unused in your backpack. Review them while you do your homework or right before class. Not only will this help you if you have a pop quiz that day, but it will also enable you to participate more in class. 

Make Up Classes You Miss

Missing classes can really damage your ability to do well on pop quizzes. When you skip a class, you miss out on learning new skills or covering new material. If you’re really unlucky, your teacher could give a pop quiz on the day you’re out of school, which will hurt your grade. Attend every class to stay up-to-date on the latest material. 

There are times where students can’t help but miss class. Whether you’re sick or have a family emergency, sometimes you have no choice but to stay home from school. If this happens, don’t panic. 

Let your teacher know you won’t be in school and explain your situation. Provide proof of the circumstances as necessary. When you’re back in school, discuss what you missed with your teacher and see how you can make up for the lesson. There may be additional reading to do, or you can go to your teacher’s office hours to go over the material.


Ask for Help Before the Pop Quiz

Picture this: you’re having a hard time understanding a tough topic in class. You put off asking your teacher for help and hope that the more classes you attend, the better you’ll understand it. A few days go by and you walk into class to discover that your teacher is giving a pop quiz on the subject you don’t understand. 

There’s an easy way to avoid this situation: ask for help when you need it! The sooner you ask for help, the less likely you are to find yourself unprepared for a pop quiz.  

LeadYouth learners take responsibility for their education and ask for help as needed. If your student lacks the confidence and emotional intelligence to advocate for themselves, LeadYouth could be the right choice for them. Learn more about LeadYouth.


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