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Public Speaking is an essential skill!

Public speaking is an essential skill for students in their careers and other aspects of life. Why? Because it allows them to convey their messages to the audience with confidence and passion.

Imagine you have to do a business pitch to a group of investors so you can start your company that specializes in manufacturing waterproof shoes. When you are giving your pitch, however, you start to blink nervously, stutter, and lose eye contact with the investors. You would walk out knowing that you had just lost a great chance. But let’s say you spoke with confidence, had perfect eye contact, and moved your body with poise. You would be on your way to starting your company!

Even if it means you are not going to give a TED talk in front of hundreds of people, it is important to learn public speaking. You will not only learn how to craft speeches that express your desires, but you will learn how to modify your body language so that people will have no choice but to look at you! By having effective communication, you can build strong professional and personal relationships. The earlier you learn and practice, the better!


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