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Teach Your Child to Stand Out from the Crowd

A single red tulip stands out in a field of yellow flowers

Middle school is a tough environment for our children, particularly socially. They’re surrounded by cliques and feeling pressure to conform. Your child may doing whatever they can to fit in, whether that means dressing the same as everyone else, buying the same products, or behaving inauthentically.

You know that your child is an individual with their own unique talents to offer the world, so it can hurt to see them losing themselves in order to blend in. Being just like everyone else won't help them earn recognition and leadership roles.

You can help them develop the confidence they need to stand out. A child who can think for themselves grows up to be an adult who leads and makes an impact. Help your child embrace their individuality and find their voice. 

Value Their Opinion

Kids sometimes follow the crowd because they don’t think their opinion matters. You challenge that idea when you ask for their opinion. Our children need validation that their ideas are just as important and valuable as anyone else’s. Ask your child’s opinion on problems big and small. 

For example, you can ask their opinion when you’re trying to decide between two different outfits or where to go to dinner. If you’re working in the garden, ask them to go to the garden store with you and help you pick out plants. 

Every time you ask for your child’s opinion, no matter how small the decision, you’re impressing upon them that you find their ideas just as important as your own. 

Encourage Self-Expression

How well does your child know themselves? As they grow up, it’s important that they spend some time expressing themselves in ways that are wholly their own. Art, dance, writing, and other forms of self-expression can help kids get to know themselves better and find their voice. 

The Rhode Island School of Design may have said it best: 

“We need to remember that whether a child is creatively choosing their wardrobe for the day, painting their masterpiece of the moment, constructing a fort out of sofa cushions, or commenting on the weather through interpretive dance, they are ultimately developing their unique personalities that will determine how they navigate the world around them as they grow.”

Support Their Interests

As a result of encouraging your child to think for themselves, they may develop different interests than you have. They might want to play basketball while you prefer dance. They might like rock music while you prefer classical. Ask questions and get involved anyway! Our kids have to know that their unique interests are valid.

Build Your Child’s Confidence with LeadYouth

It takes a lot of confidence to stand out from the crowd. If your child is still working on growing their self-confidence, consider signing them up for LeadYouth. Our mentors encourage their students to find their values and embrace their uniqueness. Through exercises in self-reflection and emotional intelligence, we help kids become more confident. Then we teach them how to use that confidence to become leaders. 


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