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What I've Learned as a Youth Mentor for LeadYouth

Are you a student passionate about coaching, mentorship, and/or public speaking and debate? Apply to LeadYouth today!

As a youth mentor for LeadYouth, my work in coaching students to achieve their fullest potential is fulfilling, to say the least. From revising docket speeches for Congressional debate to preparing impromptu speaking drills, I’ve had the pleasure of propelling my mentees to success in their extracurriculars, classrooms, and career fields. Several students I’ve coached go on to win top speaker placements in their speech and debate circuits, and almost all of them report how much LeadYouth has pushed them past their perceived potential.

If you too wish to change the lives of young students, look no further than LeadYouth’s internship program. As a coach, you’ll be an integral part of the LeadYouth mission: to help kids become more confident leaders and communicators. You’ll encourage them, support them, and cheer alongside them. Previous leadership experience in clubs such as Girl Scouts or Model UN is recommended, as you’ll be in the driver’s seat during this exciting learning journey. However, don’t disqualify yourself if you feel like you don’t meet all our qualifications. We’re seeking coaches from all walks of life, with varying levels of experience.

Many people wonder why LeadYouth is looking for high school and university students specifically, and it’s because we can connect more personally with our students. Younger demographics are more willing to open up and take new risks with someone who’s only a few years older than them. In addition, there is so much untapped potential in teenagers and young adults who may not have coached before. Whether it’s communicating with parents or handling unforeseen learner challenges, you may or may not be out of your comfort zone—but that’s a part of the process.

Interested? Apply using this link: INTERNSHIPS | LeadYouth. We can’t wait to read your application.


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